Otagai is an architecture application skeleton that allows you to develop websites rapidly in Node.js and Express

How to

  • npm install -g otagai
  • otagai new app
  • cd app
  • otagai server dev

Open http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.


Project based on form5-node-express-mongoose-coffeescript

Otagai.js thinks to develop as modular framework, focused on convenience and speed of development: livereload, fast transparent preprocessing, easy database migrations and deploying. This is collection of massive patterns and best Node.js practicals.


  • app/
    • controllers/
    • models/
    • helpers/ (views helpers)
  • config/
    • routes.coffee
    • environment.coffee/
    • passport.coffee (auth config)
    • express.coffee (express.js config)
    • middlewares/ (custom middlewares)
  • assets/ (Client side assets)
    • css/ (supports Stylus)
    • js/ (supports Coffescript)
    • img/
    • fonts/
  • lib/
  • test/ (Mocha tests)
  • bin/ (Shell scripts for start node)
    • dev.sh
    • prod.sh
  • Gruntfile.coffee (Grunt config)
  • server.js